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Olive Oil Bottling

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Olive Oil Bottling

In response to the article on bottling of Olive Oil by Colin Roberts found on: http://londonremade.com/no-more-olive-oil-dishes-on-the-restaurant-table-monster-raving-loonies/

Excuse me, but isn’t the honorable above mentioned gentleman Chief Executive on the chair of London Remade? And with a professed over 30 years of experience in the sustainable sector?  One would imagine that someone with this experience would make a decent research on his subject before spewing out this nonsense!

Try and finish your Olive Oil bottle Mr Roberts and then try and wash it with soap and hot water inside.  After that, close it with the stopper again and in a week open the bottle and sniff inside. There.. is your answer why its difficult to recycle olive oil bottles! Unless of course you haven’t a nose for a  decent Olive Oil…  which it seems you don’t!  

Of course we ALL want to be sustainable. But idiocy isn’t counted in it.

The answer to your question Where on earth does it come from?  Actually left over Olive Oil becomes rancid and affects the new product.  Like all oil, even your car oil.… it sticks.  Its like putting fresh meat on a dish that had old meat and wasn’t cleaned properly… because, in this case you can’t.

Ever heard of Extra Virgin Olive Oil? One of the factors that makes it “Extra Virgin” is, it isn’t contaminated with old oil.  Those EU people knew what they are talking about and you don’t!  And shame on those that stopped a very valid issue! Neither unfortunately does Dr Joseph Zammit-Lucia (despite his probable latin heritage). Perhaps he should “stick” to what he knows… photography… and while we are on the subject dicho señor was involved in the pharmaceutical industry (FDA decisions, patents, pharmaceutical marketing, generic drugs say anything to you?).  i.e. Cambridge Pharma Consultancy “advisory services in practice areas that include business strategy, strategic market development, pricing and reimbursement and the strategic management of R&D”. Extremely strategic this … move … to animal photography and Olive oil criticism… We all know what the pharmaceutical industry did about patenting plants from third world countries. Very UN-“sustainable” (excuse the “forbidden word”).

Anyway what is the problem with having the Olive Oil bottle on the table and pouring out a little (just what you need at a time)? First its far more wasteful to have to throw away what is left over in the dish as once contaminated with bread, fingers, other food particles and breathing over it the oil rapidly deteriorates oxidising and once rancid is a health hazard.

Only in the UK have I seen such huge amounts in dishes sopped up as if it was soup!  In Spain the custom is to drizzle from the bottle a thin trickle around a flat plate and the bread is wiped in it with salt and garlic.  Who in the world invented that soup contraption that makes sure oil goes bad faster it certainly wasn’t the mediterraneans. “Drizzled on the flat plate” was the way it was originally eaten and now you want to change old customs?  Secondly, the farmers who want this bottling are the ones that will be sending unadulterated Olive Oil to northern Europe. Everyone knows how much fraud has existed with Olive Oil. That’s why you don’t know the difference between a decent Olive oil and a bad one! And what happened to those bottle banks anyway? Wasn’t that your department? The furnace would clear up the oil and new bottles made. You would be best getting on to those companies that have substituted glass bottles for plastic bottles Mr. sustainable sector!

So it looks like Ottolenghi is going to have to smarten up his culinary knowledge of Olive Oil as well as yourself – and of course the producers of Olive Oil want their own label, type of Olive Oil and brand!  That’s part of the whole idea of bringing back the authentic way of producing quality products. Different olive varieties produce different olive oil. In the same way that different grapes produce different wines.

We don’t mind when we are served a glass of wine from a bottle and we don’t want everybody’s messy fingers in it.  At least I don’t… and come to think about it Londoners know very little about a decent olive oil and its time to start learning. Lets have those bottles and labels!

I offer you a course at 500 pounds a session and can guarantee when you are finished you will be able to write on the subject.

Anyway what is this pointing at local EU olive farmers?  I thought your London Remade site was to re-make London? Don’t we have enough in London to take care of?

Mr Roberts, if you were part of the people that were in “numerous positions in the public sector” while I was abroad, then I can rightly understand why London is in such a mess today.  Excuse me, but what arrogance…

I can seriously understand why your favourite candidates were from the Monster Raving Looney Party. Touché!

R. M. Dencker-Rasmussen – Master of Olive Oil Tasting and Olive production by IFAPA,  Junta de Andalucia, Spain.
Journalist & Photographer, BA, MA. Currently Charity Fundraiser and Writer.

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